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Attorney Mark Blair

Attorney Mark Blair

I am Attorney Mark Blair, licensed to practice law in California. I will assist you in getting your conviction dismissed. I have practiced law in California for over 30 years and have successfully helped many persons dismiss their convictions.

If you wish to verify my license to practice law in California, please do so by contacting the California State Bar. Please go the California State Bar web site to confirm that I am an licensed attorney in California in good standing.

I designed this fully automated web site to provide fast, simple and inexpensive expungement to persons like you! And I offer a full, 100% money back guarantee!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started in dismissing your conviction!


The Law Office of Mark Blair
520 South El Camino Real, Suite 530
San Mateo, California 94402

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How to use this site

This site is divided into two sections. The first section is designed to provide you with all of the background information you will need to clear your record. This section lays the groundwork for your petition, and aims to answer any questions you may have about the services we provide. Information about important terminology, qualifications for dismissal, and court publications are all included in this section.

The second section of the site contains instructions about completing and filing the forms for your petition. This part of the site is only accessed once you have registered. Here you will find all of the forms you may need, and specific instructions on how to submit them.

Money back guarantee

Attorney Mark Blair guarantees to fully refund your money back (the fee that you pay Clear Your Name Fast and any filing fee that you pay to the county) IF you:

  • answer all the information truthfully and accurately on the documents
  • follow the procedures outlined on this web site to complete and file the documents
  • are truthful in court (if you are required to attend court)
  • attend the court hearing as directed (if you are required to attend court)
  • and your petition to dismiss ("expunge") your conviction(s) is denied.

Mark Blair reserves the right to verify the information that you have provided for its truthfulness and accuracy.