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What is successful completion of probation?

How do you know if you successfully completed probation? The answer is easy: if you did everything that the judge ordered you to do (did the work/community service, paid the fine, attended the DUI classes), and did not get arrested during probation, then you completed probation successfully. Please note: getting tickets during probation for minor violations such as traffic infractions (example: speeding) do not matter.

In the vast majority of cases, a person successfully completes probation. When a judge sentences a person, the judge orders the person to do or not to do certain things. In 99% of the cases, judges typically order a person to lead a law abiding life, pay a fine, and do community service or work or jail time. In driving under the influence of alcohol cases, judges also order a person to attend and complete a DUI school.

Probation ends when the term expires. Example: a person is sentenced to 36 months (three years) probation on a DUI on June 6, 2007. On June 6, 2010, probation ends automatically if the person never violated probation. There is nothing the court sends to the person that alerts the person that probation is over.

If you were not completely successful while on probation, your probation was probably "violated," meaning that you had to return to court in front of the judge to be accused of failing to obey the terms and conditions of probation.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you violated your probation, you may contact the clerk of court (criminal division) and inquire.

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